Community Support

Custom Logo Clubs invests in the future of kids by promoting the game of golf through its "Impactkids" movement.  As a manufacturer it is common that material over runs provide resources that otherwise would be left unused.  Custom Logo Clubs takes these materials and puts them to good use by building putters that are given out to youth who may not ordinarily be introduced to the game of golf. 

As kids our grandfather gave us a putter and a hole target and we would spend hours putting indoors and fostering a love for the game.  Now it is important that we carry on that tradition by getting putters in the hands of kids so they too may find an interest in the great game of golf.

A parent, guardian, or eligible sponsor of a junior can apply for a Free “Impactkids” golf putter and practice target.  Simply send an email request through the "Contact Us" link on the home page and provide your name and contact information along with the junior's name, age, height, whether right or left-handed, and we will contact you to confirm.   Though we strive to fulfill every request it is not possible.  We hope that through continued success and great partnerships we can continue to help provide the gift of golf to those who ordinarily would not be introduced to the game.  A junior recipient must be between the ages of 5-18 years old.